Facility Rentals

The Ray Meyer Fitness and Recreation Center has several activity spaces available to rent for DePaul student organizations, academic departments, and non-university affiliated community members and groups. To begin the rental process, complete the following steps. General rates for each space and corresponding services are listed below.

To rent space at The Ray:

Complete and Submit the Facility Request Form

  • Submission of request does NOT guarantee a reservation.
  • A reservation is not approved until the requester receives a confirmation email from DePaul Campus Recreation.
  • Requests for large events (more than 50 people) or ongoing rentals (those that continue on a weekly basis) should be submitted at least two weeks prior to the academic quarter in which they will occur.
  • Short-term/small event requests should be submitted at least two weeks prior to the event.

The requester will be contacted within 3 business days for follow-up on the request.

Arrangements for the fee payment, entrance to the building and other considerations must be made at least two weeks prior to usage.

    General questions regarding rentals may be submitted to:
    Leanne Thompson
    Assistant Director - Intramurals and Facility Scheduling
    (773) 325-4557 (office)
    (773) 325-7812 (fax)

Fee Schedule (Hourly Rates)


University Affiliated
Non-University Affiliated

Ray Member 
 Gym Court      $40                                  
 $105  100
 RBall Court   $25  
 $60  $75  20
 Studio     $40  $80  $95  38
 Mtg/Class Rm  $25  $60  $75  40
 Pool (1/4)    $65  $100  $110  15
 Atrium  $120  $250  $275  100
Atrium Tabling  No Charge
 Negotiable  Negotiable  N/A


Corresponding Services/Equipment Schedule

Service/Equipment University Affiliated Non-University Affiliated
Play Equipment (Balls, Goals, etc.)  No Charge  No Charge
Special Equipment (Sound System, Portable Scoreboard, etc.)  $25 per item (dependent upon   item type)  $25 per item (dependent upon item type)
Special Set-Up (Volleyball Court, Basketball Competitive Game)  No Charge  $25 (dependent upon set-up type)
Floor Covering (Alcoves Only)      $40  $100                                                                              
Floor Covering (Alcoves & 2 Cts)  $80  $200
Add'l Event Staff *(hourly/individual)  $15  $15
Specialized Staff (Officials, Group Exercise Instructor, etc.)
Request Information - Price varies by activity
 Request Information - Price varies by activity
Clean-Up Charge**  $100  $100
After Hours Charge***  Dependent Upon Event  Dependent Upon Event

Additional Fees
* Dependent upon the activity & participant numbers, event staff will be assigned to the event. An hourly rate will be charged for each of these staff members.** A $100 fee will be charged to the group if a space is not cleaned up properly following a rental event.
*** If an event takes place or continues past regular operating hours, additional fees will be charged. The Campus Recreation Department reserves the right to take unique rental characteristics under consideration when determining charges for an event.

By signing the rental agreement, a rental group indicates that the group as well as the individuals involved in the rental will:

  • Abide by all facility policies including those that are specific to the rented space or area.
  • Be responsible for cleaning up after the event and leaving the area in the same condition as it is received.
  • Coordinate group admittance into The Ray.
  • Be responsible for the conduct, behavior and location of all members of the group while using The Ray. 
  • Stay in designated (per team or program) area as assigned.  Persons found in areas designated as off-limits will be asked to leave The Ray
  • Appropriately use the facility and its equipment according to posted and staff guidelines as well as follow any further use or safety instructions of Ray staff.
  • Persons or groups misusing equipment or non-compliant to safety rules or instruction will be asked to leave the facility and will be billed for any damages that are incurred.
  • Assume all risks of damages or injury, including death, which may be sustained while participating in the event or in travel to or from such event.

Please Note:

  • The rental group, dependent upon size or activity, may be required to obtain and submit a Certificate of Liability demonstrating liability coverage that indemnifies the Ray Meyer Fitness & Recreation Center, Campus Recreation, Centers, L.L.C., and DePaul University from liability for injuries and damages for the specific event.
  • The group assumes all risks of damages or injury, including death, which may be sustained while participating in this activity or in travel to or from such activity. 
  • Food or drink that is served on the premises of the Ray Meyer Fitness & Recreation Center must be obtained from DePaul Dining Services or (773) 325-7499


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